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About Us

Dynacsys (Dynamic Actuarial System) is a professional service company that helps insurance or financial organizations to address Risk and Financial issues. We propose innovative consulting and software solutions to facilitate modeling processes and software integration.
Large insurance players already trust us and have integrated our solution in their modeling process, in order to calculate their MCEV and conduct asset allocation studies.

Software solutions

  • DEvent Modeling Platform (Solvency 2, ORSA, IFRS 17)
  • Ready to use actuarial Models (Life, P&C)
  • Dynacsys HPC Server (On-Premise, Cloud)

IT and Actuarial services

  • AWS (EC2, S3, Lambda, EKS), Azure (Batch, Blob, AKS)
  • Docker, Kubernetes, API REST, CI/CD
  • Assistance in model creation, project management
  • Full-Stack (JS ES6, ReactJS, NodeJS, Java, C++, Python)
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Why you have to call Dynacsys?

By combining our software solutions and our service offering, we can support you on all of your issues related to the implementation of your ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) platform.

  • 01 You want to optimize your IFRS 17 model ?

    Thanks to the performances of our modeling tool, you can drastically reduce your calculation times while benefiting from a flexible and easy-to-use tool. We also offer ready to use models (for both Life and P&C) that allow you to quickly start your S2 projections.

  • Our team of experts can assist you in setting up your platform or in optimizing your calculation environment (On-Promise or Cloud - AWS/Azure).

  • By reducing both your calculation times and your learning curve on the modeling tool, you can significantly reduce maintenance costs and your platform. If you want to control your costs more closely, you can also opt for our "Devent Risk Platform" solution in SaaS mode.


Our last realizations

"Customer Satisfaction Survey shows the quality of our employees and their ability to work on challenging and interesting projects"

Setup DEvent ALM/savings model for ORSA100%
Internal Model creation 90%
Actuarial Model development 55%
Java - API REST - Architecture 75%


Dynacsys is organised in two departments: Actuarial Services (risk management, modeling, consulting) and Technology Solutions (software development and computing solutions).

Risk Modeling Platform

We can assist you in setting up our “DEvent” solution on your local infrastructure or on a Cloud type infrastructures. If you choose our "DEvent Cloud" solution, no configuration is required.

IT development

Our team of experts (Architects, developers Full-Stack, Java, C++, Python) can assist you in setting up our “DEvent” solution on your local infrastructure or on a Cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure).

Cloud Solutions

In order to optimize your production environment, we can support you in setting up cloud solutions such as Docker, Kubernetes on AWS or Azure.

Actuarial Services

Our team of actuaries is at your disposal to help you implement your S2 and IFRS 17 production models. A full set of fully customisable libraries is also available (ALM/Savings, Protection, Retirement).

Join the community of "DEvent Cloud" users

With "DEvent Cloud", you can develop and share your actuarial models in a simple and secure way from anywhere (on-site or remotely from home).

  • No installation required on the user's workstation
  • Payment of licenses according to your needs. Free versions are available for actuarial students (contact us for details).
  • Automatic platform update (no more installation on user workstations).
  • Automatic access to a dedicated GRID Computing calculation platform.

DEvent Risk Modeling Platform

DEvent is a powerful modeling system designed for advanced financial and actuarial projections. It's a risk modeling framework / Dynamic Financial Analysis (DFA) tool for strategic decision-making.
DEvent provides an extremely easy-to-use graphical interface enabling users to quickly build models and run analyses for a variety of financial decisions.

  • Graphical interface

    With its very intuitive graphical interface, complex models can be implemented very quickly. Thanks to its component-oriented modeling (Data, Event, Output), DEvent will allow you to quickly create and understand your model (Life or P&C).

  • In order to facilitate the creation of model, DEvent proposes a business oriented modeling syntax in order to facilitate the creation and the maintenance of complex models.

  • With DEvent, you have access to the entire business code of your models, allowing you to create any type of functionality or business (ALM/Savings, Retirement, Pension, P&C).

  • Thanks to its C++ calculation engine, Devent is one of the most powerful modeling tools in the market. For production projections, you can connect Devent to your local GRID platform or use a cloud platform like AWS or Azure.


If you would like additional information on a product or service or to speak to someone about Dynacsys opportunities, partner relations or careers, please feel free to contact us.


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